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190 Martha Street
San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 294-4956

We perform at the San Jose Nikkei Matsuri Festival!

Nikko Jujitsu presented a demonstration of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu for the public at the San Jose Japantown's Nikkei Matsuri Festival. In this video, our Headmaster, Prof. Richard Bunch shows some techniques of our system that while simple, allow masterful control over his opponent (Sensei Lynel Gardner).

Nikko Jujitsu School was originally established in Hawaii in 1937. We have been providing top-quality instruction in the Bay Area for over 35 years. We promote the system of Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and supplement our teaching with other progressive styles. The teaching and training philosophy advocated at Nikko Jujitsu School seeks to promote a practical, diverse, utilitarian system of combat and self defense. Areas of emphasis include:

  • Naga Waza - Throwing Techniques
  • Katame Waza - Grappling Techniques
  • Kogeki Waza - Striking Techniques
  • Kansetsu Waza - Joint Locking Techniques
  • Shibori Waza - Choking and Strangling Techniques
  • Shinkei Waza - Nerve Pressure Point Techniques

Although the physical aspects of Jujitsu are most apparent, they are greatly enhanced with the spiritual and esoteric elements that complement the art. As a result of studying and training at Nikko Jujitsu School, students increase their skills, coordination, balance, self confidence, self control, and respect for themselves and others while participating in a learning experience that could last a lifetime. Training is open to all levels of ability and visitors are always welcome.